Marks and Spencer Musical Christmas Tree Biscuit Tin

Yesterday I popped in a M&S nearby to grab something for lunch and I saw on sale for £5 their annual Musical Christmas Tree Biscuit Tin

The musical tune it plays is, “We wish you a merry Christmas”.

I couldn’t resist so I bought 2 as gifts.


The lucky recipients will love the gift because

  • It’s made out of tin so can be put away and brought out yearly
  • It contains cute little Christmas tree shortbread biscuits that they’ll be able to have with their favorite seasonal beverage
  • Plays a musical tune so can entertain others/show off to others
  • Once the shortbread biscuits have been consumed you can store whatever you want in the tin
  • Each year you can fill the tin with a surprise and let others open it around Christmas
  • It can be used as a Christmas decoration itself


It’s an adorable, cute and perfect little gift or treat!