Christmas Gift Baubles

Christams Gift Baubles

The past couple of years I’ve been buying the Origins limited edition Christmas bauble. It’s a tin bauble containing a selection of miniature Origins  products. They can only be bought from Selfridges and cost £12.

This year the stores have had many beauty themed Christmas baubles, varying in price range. I had thought about making one myself but had no idea where to buy reasonable priced tin baubles that you can open.

Yesterday I happened to pop into Argos to pick up an item however it was awfully busy the queue was so long! I really dislike long queues and when stores are crammed full of people, I don’t even bother with in-store sales due to the frenzy of some people, prefer to purchase online.

I decided to pop back later and go into nearby stores and possibly buy anything I need rather than want ( I hate the feeling of going home and realizing I’ve spent money on things I definitively do not need!).

Walking past a Home Bargains store the Christmas goodies on display enticed me in. I had not been to one before for the simple fact I don’t live that close to one. It turns out it sells more or less a bit of everything.

As I walked in I  saw them, tin baubles that opened and I could put a little gift inside. I did a double take at the price it was 39p!  There were 3 designs although one wasn’t nice I thought what the heck I’ll buy one of each.



I walked around the store and I saw more tin baubles this time with much better designs. I picked one up they were heavier and had something inside. I read the label they contained gold chocolate coins. I always get a bag of chocolate coins at Christmas. There were four designs and I decided to buy them all. A store person opened one for me to look inside and there was enough space to add a little gift as well as the coins. I bought all four designs a bargain for 89p!



On closer inspection when I arrived home the label clearly stated, the chocolate coins are good for another two years until 30/09/2016!


I will be putting something inside the baubles like:

  • chocolate
  • lip balms
  • beauty samples*
  • mini nail polishes
  • nail art pieces
  • money

** Beauty sample tip

  • You can pop into a Body Shop ask for some of their sample jars with body butter
  • Beauty counters such as Clinique and Mac give out sample size goodies


I’m sure the recipient will love them as they can reuse them yearly as tree decorations, if given to a child their mother can fill them with a treat/gift inside.

 They will make an excellent stocking filler or secret Santa gift for someone.



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